These people are your friends and/or neighbours who have volunteered to make a huge commitment to looking after our community and the people in it.

Active Fire Fighters

Fire Fighter Grayson Andrews
Member since 2019/xx

Fire Fighter Kevan Brehart,
Member since 1978/05

Fire Fighter Duane Corbin
Member since 1992/01

Fire Fighter Trevor Davidson

Fire Fighter Morgan DGanigian
Member since 2014/11

Captain Alastair Davy-Saxl
Member since 2011/07

Fire Fighter Ray Fiset
Member since 1994/05

Fire Fighter Shawn Fiset
Member since 2017/06

Fire Fighter Scott Hemphill
Member since 1992/01

Fire Fighter Joe Kanashiro
Member since 2017/06

Fire Fighter Dew Kernovich
Member since 2018/xx

Fire Fighter Lisa Marino
Member since 2018/xx

Chief John McCrea
Member since 1995/07

Fire Fighter Robert Mitchell
Member since 2017/12

Fire Fighter Ron Morton
Member since 2002/05
12.5 years previous

Captain Ben Patterson
Member since 2018/06

Fire Fighter Mark Prill
Member since 2018/05

Fire Fighter Rob Read
Member since 2015/03

Fire Fighter John Steffan
Member since 2013/06

Fire Fighter Steve Whitmore
Member since 2012/10

Fire Fighter Gavin Williams
Member since 2018/xx

Associate Members

Fire Fighter Dave Gollmer
Member since 1980/01

First Responder Al Wickheim
Member since 2013/01

Honourary Members

Roy Kennedy1981
Ric Fyfe1983
John Farmer1987
Cliff Frend1989
Don Collis1992
Wilbert Goudie1992
Margaret Frend1999
Jim Davidson2001
Ian Ball2010
Lexa Gollmer2010
Derrick Harvey2010
Darrel Holm2010
Ken winter2010