Open Burning Ban

Here in Otter Point the ban on open burning goes into effect on Friday May 31 at 6:00pm
Campfires and incinerators with a screen will still be permitted until further notice.

Promotion Announcement

The Otter Point Fire Department is very please to announce the promotion of Ben Patterson to the rank of Captain. Ben has been doing a tremendous job for us as Training Officer and in operational support. Congratulations Captain Ben Patterson!

Recruit Class Training Day

Otter Point Fire Department recruit class finishing up the exterior training program with ventilation practice. Vertical, horizontal, positive pressure, positive pressure attack,and hydraulic ventilation. A full day of hard training by some very dedicated firefighters!! Our department is very fortunate to have these amazing people in it!

OPVFD Recruits Live Fire 1

All pumped up and ready to respond to a fire near you! Your Otter Point recruit class of 2018 is finishing up Live Fire 1 today along with firefighters from 4 other departments. Hard work and fun! Temperatures of 500+ F. Learning to trust your gear and yourself. Honing skills to safely and effectively fight fires. Training for success. Everyone goes home!