Wildland Fire Protection


Urban Interface Preparation

Wildland fire Prevention

Urban interface fires are those fires that occur where a modern housing structure is built within a forestry zone. Here are some tips to help prevent fires in this situation.

  1. Create a fire-safe, defensible space. The space around your house and out buildings should be no less than 10 metres of clear space with no trees or brush.
  2. Eliminate fire dangers:
    1. Install a fire resistant roof, i.e. metal or clay tiles.
    2. Maintain your roof by cleaning it and the gutter regularly.
    3. Do not store firewood against the house or outbuildings
    4. If you burn wood for heat, install a spark arrestor on your chimney
    5. Clean your chimney regularly and at least once a year.
    6. Do not store flammable liquids, paints, solvents, oils etc in or near the house or outbuildings. Store them in a steel cabinet with locking doors.
  3. House identifying numbers should be at least 10cm high and visible from both directions on your street and day or night, so that emergency crews can easily identify your property.
  4. Clear all dead trees and brush from around your house and outbuildings each spring.
  5. Cut the grass around the house and outbuildings regularly.
  6. Composting bins and piles should be at least 10 metres from any building.
  7. Your garden hose should be capable of reaching any side of your home and up on to the roof.
  8. Keep a ladder available to access the roof
  9. Discuss with your neighbours all of these tips and more. One home in a neighbourhood that is not properly protected from fire can put the entire community or wild land area at risk.

Make sure you are covered in case of forest or wild land fire encroachment onto your property and buildings. 

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